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With Easy ClipBoard you have the possibility to easily manage and organize your clipboard content by adding new notes or delete them. The main idea behind this application is to create a simple and intuitive interface.You can add new text, images, links, sound clips, drawings or whatever you want from any program to clipboardThe main window shows the list of all notes that you have stored in clipboard. At the top of the list it shows your last clipboard notes, since you last opened the app. You can just use your keyboard and click the different buttons. The special one, New Note, puts a new text, image or sound clip into clipboard. If you want to paste this content to any program, just double-click it. When you want to paste the content from one of the main tabs, just click the tab and then paste.You can also add new notes from any application that is currently running. The application runs in the system tray, so you won’t even have to open the application.Easy ClipBoard has many features and it has been tested for Windows 7, 8, Windows 10 and even Windows XP and Windows Vista.Important: Easy ClipBoard works on any application that has clipboard content in addition to text.This program has been tested on Windows 7, 8, Windows 10 and even Windows XP and Windows Vista. And it works on all computers that you have. The only thing is - it will not be able to run on Windows 95/98/ME. It is also not suitable for Windows Embedded systems.You can install the application with the one click setup.Please be aware, that this application is no antivirus and makes no possibility to use the internet. Please use the app in company.In addition, the program has not any screen saver, but it will not be able to run after the computer has been set to standby.The latest version of the application can be downloaded by clicking the button below.You will be able to download other versions (older or newer) by visiting the store of Easy Clipboard.Easy Clipboard Features:- Easily add and remove text clips from clipboard.- Ability to add image clips, sound clips and links.- Double-click a text or clip in order to paste it anywhere you want.- The program can add notes and images from websites.- You can insert an image from your camera into clipboard.- The application has background support which means that it will not 08929e5ed8


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