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This 6 week treatment plan consists of 12 sessions to target your choice of areas to work on based on a plan tailored to your body goals.


You can use the following sessions on: 

(Stomach & Love Handles, Breast lift, Sculpted Chin, Arms or (Legs front or back) **** Please note one session will be used per area. 


-Cavitation (fat loss)

-RF Skin Tightening (tightens & tones skin)


-Fat is liquified using radio frequency sound waves (painless, non invasive, no downtime) and then leaves the body naturally from the lymphatic system and excreted through (urine, fecal, sweat) by drinking water.


-Results can vary but changes can be seen in the first few treatments. (This is not for weight lost but to lose inches and contour the body of your dreams)


Sessions must be done 3 days apart. (Within 72 hours)


You have to schedule and use all 12 sessions within a 6 week period. This service can be done twice a week within 6 weeks.


Disclaimer- Please consult your provider/physician with any questions or concerns for rendered services. Please note all sales are final and no refund will be given once purchased. Do not purchase if you are not committed to see your new body goals. Thank you

6 Week Mommy Makeover Package

$2,200.00 Regular Price
$1,697.00Sale Price
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